Girlie Glue (0.5oz tube)

  • $5.00

We are so excited to carry Girlie Glue! The perfect (and safe) newborn bow glue for your babies head! No more Karo Syrup and bald spots from the tinniest newborn bows (Girlie Glue is easy to remove with warm water!).
Check out our Newborn Bows for bows to go along with the girlie glue along with a discount for purchasing with our bows!
14.7ml/0.5 fl oz
Girlie Glue has a variety of uses, not only sticking bows to babies.  It can be used to stick on fake mustaches, earrings to non pierced ears, pet accessories, keeping clips and bands from slipping, and can even hold fabrics together for costuming or wardrobe malfunctions. The longer you own Girlie Glue, the more uses you will find for it!

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