Spring Fling Kassidy Jane Collection

  • $6.00

Metallic Rose- Smooth Leather, Light Pink with a Metallic shimmer.

Spring Floral- Solid White Leather with a light textured finish, green Vines with light pink flowers.

Confetti Pink Glitter- Fine Glitter Texture, Very Lightweight, Variegated Pink Colors, Larger Glitter Scattered on Fine Glitter.

Our Kassidy Janes come on a One Size Fits All Nylon Headband that starts out so small for the tiniest heads (even preemie!!) but grows along with your babies head. Our Nylon Headbands do not leave an indent on your babies heads like other elastics do. The Nylon Headbands come in the color Nude.

Bows Ship 5-7 Business days after purchase.